Boeing qualifies 3D Printing Material Antero 800NA

Boeing will now be able to use the 3D printing material Antero 800NA in the production of flight parts. The aerospace company has recently qualified Stratasys’ thermoplastic.

Unveiled two years ago, Antero 800NA has proved out its capabilities to serve the production of parts exposed to chemicals and high temperatures. The material has been used in several applications such as the fabrication of a connected 3D printed docking hatch door as part of NASA’s Orion mission.

Known for its chemical resistance and ultra-low outgassing, it integrates properties similar to those of carbon as well as exceptional wear properties. The PEKK-based polymer is especially designed for production-grade Stratasys FDM® 3D printers.

Boeing has recognized the tremendous utility of Antero to meet applications that couldn’t have been 3D-printed before,” said Stratasys Aerospace Vice President Scott Sevcik. “Additive manufacturing has tremendous benefits for simplifying aerospace supply chains both in original equipment and MRO, but robust materials for meeting challenging flight requirements have been needed.”

The polymer is the first material from Stratasys that Boeing qualifies. With specification BMS8-444,  the 800NA material has been added to the Qualified Products List (QPL) after an extensive evaluation of its performance. It will now be used in applications with elevated chemical resistance or fatigue requirements.

The Antero family of materials includes 800NA as well as Antero 840CN03, which is an electrostatic dissipative (ESD) variant. Stratasys provides these materials both for customers who use the Stratasys F900 and Fortus 450mc 3D printers and as a material option for on-demand customers through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

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