Antero 800NA, Stratasys’ Pekk-based thermoplastic for FDM Process

Antero 800NA is a material that can be used to additively manufacture parts exposed to chemicals and high temperatures.

Used with FDM technology, the Antero 800NA is known for its chemical resistance and ultra-low outgassing. It also integrates properties similar to those of carbon. Indeed, its characteristics are exploitable in high temperatures, and it also integrates exceptional wear properties.

Its superior chemical resistance means it can be used for components exposed to hydrocarbons, such as fuels and lubricants, as well as many acids. Additionally, its low outgassing allows it to be used in confined spaces and sensitive environments, such as satellites, where materials may not outgas under vacuum. Antero 800NA’s high operating temperature is designed to allow it to be used for applications under the hood or in engine compartments.”

A specific type of additive manufacturing (AM)

Custom additive or low volume manufacturing is ideal for the Antero 800NA. In addition to the cost savings aspect, it should be noted that in traditional processes such as machining, manufacturers purchase PEKK in bulk (only available in limited shapes and sizes) and machine it to a clean form.

This results in a waste of expensive material and a longer delivery time. With 3D printing, however, the workflow is faster, resulting in lighter parts with optimized topology and reduced waste. As for the PEKK parts manufactured additively to the demand, we note as a consequent advantage the reduction of inventory costs and increased profitability.

Antero 800NA is the first commercial product in a planned new family of PEKK-based materials. The material will be offered with an initial layer thickness of 0.010 in (0.25mm) and additional layer-thickness options planned for future release.”

What 3D printer for the Antero 800NA?

This material can be used with Stratasys’ Fortus 450 ™ and Fortus 900 ™ 3D printers.

Existing Fortus 450mc users with the high-performance material bundle will be able to use Antero 800NA without additional license fees. Fortus 450mc users without the high-performance materials bundle can purchase the high-performance material bundle or an individual material license. Fortus 450mc systems will require the Nylon 12CF hardware upgrade along with a new tip and purge ledge to operate the Antero 800NA material.”

High-end industrial manufacturing as well as oil and gas applications are other areas of potential applications in addition to automotive and aerospace.


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