BMW’s new i8 Roadster features a great number of 3D printed metal parts

BMW is creating a big buzz among cars’ fans. The manufacturer recently unveils its  brand new BMW i8 Roadster, a hybrid car which incorporates an upgraded design and a powerful battery.

What first draws the attention is the copper upholstery and the colour options follow thereafter. Furthermore, on a manufacturing point of view, the car features a great number of 3D printed metal parts, which implies refined and strengthened parts.

By integrating 3D printed aluminium parts in the i8 Roadster’s top, the latter is even softer and compacter. Speaking technically, the manufacturer built geometric bracing parts that are really optimized, and bring innovation in the manufacturing process.

As a result, the car’s top presents a Z geometry, so  92 litres of cargo space are left when blocked into the car’s roof behind the driver.

Other features of the engine include a new lithium-ion battery with a net energy capacity of 9.4 usable kWh.

With regards to its successful launch, it makes no doubt that the i8 Roadster will inspire several people and its business opportunities will certainly follow the success of the original i8 model.

People will discover the i8 Roadster and its other specificities in showrooms from the second quarter of 2018. Other colour options will be discovered as well: E-Copper metallic and Donington Grey metallic among others.


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