« Blue and White », Olivier Van Herpt’s new collection of 3D Printed Porcelain

3D printing used in the art industry does not only aim at simplifying the work of the artist, but also to bring some creativity and to a certain extent, to make it more beautiful. Now, beauty often depends on people’s appreciation. There are 3D printed works that people definitely did not find beautiful and others that get everyone’s approval…

Anyway, Dutch Designer Olivier Van Herpt recently finished his latest collection of vases…If you are a reader of 3D Adept, you certainly discovered his collection of 3D printed clay vases last year. Today, the artist combines an inspiration from Chinese porcelain and a part of the Netherlands’ history.

3D printed porcelain, 2018 – Olivier van Herpt

Blue Delft potteries

Blue Delft is acknowledged as the Netherlands’ foremost national product. Due to the lack of porcelain in Europe, “the Netherlands developed a new kind of tin-glazed earthenware with exotic-looking shapes and oriental-style decorative motifs.”

With the ceramic 3D printer he developed himself, the artist 3D printed 14 pieces in porcelain. Indeed, the printer can print parts up to 90 cm high. He firstly applied cobalt pigment on the clay body before its insertion in the extruder. During its extrusion, the shape is easily maintained due to the hard clay body.

The unglazed surface underlines the character of the material and is shown in the structure as a result of the movement of the printer.” The final rendering is refined, with a beautiful mix between blue and white.

How do you find these new vases?

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