Autodesk to develop Design-to-Print workflows for GE and HP AM Systems

The more manufacturers release new generations of 3D printers, the more software companies have to adapt their software to fit these technologies. That’s the case of Autodesk today, that will create a generative design software that will function with GE & HP new additive manufacturing systems.

With regards to HP 3D Printers, the goal of this workflow was to streamline the conversion of digital design to physical part. Robert Yancey, Director of Manufacturing Industry Strategy at Autodesk explains that “the plastic printers are now becoming cost-efficient versus injection molding for part counts in excess of 10,000 parts”. On the other hand, the new metal printers promise to have similar value benefits compared to metal injection molding.”

image via HP –

HP multi-jet fusion printers promise higher volumes and higher customization than plastic printers that have been in the market for some time. To unlock the full value of HP MJF printers, you need a good design, a good material, and a good print process. Autodesk develops the design tools and technology, HP develops the print process, and HP with their material partners develops the materials. All aspects are required to achieve maximum efficiency.

As far as the partnership with GE is concerned, Autodesk will focus on the Fusion 360 platform. The software company will link all phases of the AM process. By using GE Additive software algorithms, interfaces and specific date models, Autodesk is capable to offer predictive insights.

Prototype unveiled in December – image GE Additive

Another part of Autodesk task will be to provide cost and timeline projections in the early stages of design, to allow engineers to make decisions without physically producing the parts first.

The platform will simulate that design, print the design, and capture all of the relevant print data to store with the design file so we have a single source of truth for each printed component.

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