Autodesk sheds new light on manufacturing via the opening of a Technology Centre in Birmingham

Autodesk sheds new light on manufacturing through the opening of an advanced manufacturing facility in Birmingham. This facility will certainly raise the interest of more than one since it highlights and aims to improve the relationships between the company and its customers but above all reimagine the combination between software and hardware, machines and materials.

It is no secret that products and objects are increasingly customized, therefore their manufacturing requires the perfect mix of design and fabrication. The facility integrates both advanced manufacturing tools and a space for Autodesk to collaborate with customers; helping them bring their visions to life, solve some of their biggest challenges.

Autodesk’s President and CEO, Andrew Anagnost, said: “The convergence of automation technologies like robotics and machine learning is shaking up traditional manufacturing and building processes. Coupling these with cloud computing enables more people to access their power at much lower costs. While clearly a challenge to established practices, these technologies offer huge opportunities for existing manufacturers and builders to do more, do it better, and do it with less negative impact on the world. With today’s opening, we hope to fuel excitement and prepare businesses in all industries for the future of making things.”

Engineers at the heart of the investment

An integrated lab enables engineers to analyze data collected from smart machines; and better combine design and manufacturing processes so that projects are delivered based on efficient decisions.

Last, the local education community may have access to the centre. In addition to enable engineers to discover more about new technologies, it might certainly inspire them in their choice of careers.

During the opening last week, visitors discovered Autodesk’s recently released cloud-based Fusion Production software in action. The latter can monitor, analyse and manage data produced from live fabrication process on mobile devices.

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