Aubert & Duval and Mitsubishi Power sign licensing partnership for specific 3D printable metal powders

Aubert & Duval and Mitsubishi Power, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group have signed a licensing partnership for the production and distribution of high performance metal powder MHA3300® for additive manufacturing.

Mitsubishi’s involvement in the additive manufacturing industry has been achieved in stealth mode, through its subsidiaries such as Matsuura Machinery and companies it acquired (Dutch Filaments). The company also developed several collaborations with 3D printer manufacturers Colossus for the testing of 10 material compound profiles and 3D printing startup 3DQue for the QPoD unit, not to mention that last year also saw the commercialization of its metal 3D printer.

With decades of experience in the development and production of metal powders, Aubert & Duval mostly promotes its AM activities through EPMA. In addition to developing its materials, the company also partners with other producers to expand its portfolio. Its collaboration with PyroGenesis enables the company to provide plasma atomized titanium powder to a wide range of industries.

This deal with the subsidiary of Eramet group is therefore a milestone in the full-scale inauguration of Mitsubishi Power’s additive manufacturing business as it combines the materials producer’s expertise with Mitsubishi’s proprietary 3D printing technologies.

According to Aubert & Duval, the MHA3300® powder delivers high creep and oxidation resistance as well as low cycle fatigue properties at temperatures up to 850°C. The material will be a particular great fit in Mitsubishi Power’s recently created additive manufacturing development facility, the AM-Zone and helps fulfil its vision to be involved in all stages of the metal additive manufacturing process.

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