ASTM’ maraging steel standard is now available for PBF-LB Additive Manufacturing

Courtesy of 3D Systems

ASTM International’s additive manufacturing technologies committee (F42) has developed a new standard specification for maraging steel in powder bed fusion. The announcement follows the recent launch of an Additive Manufacturing Quality (AMQ) certification program by the global standards organization.

Maraging steel is a class of precipitation-hardened steel strengthened through aging heat treatment, with properties useful for automotive, sporting goods, aerospace, and other industries. The standard (currently WK82609) will soon be published as ASTM F3607 in the ‘Annual Book of ASTM Standards’. Parts made within these applications require mechanical properties similar to wrought products, either as fabricated or heat treated. Products built to this specification may require additional post-processing in the form of machining, polishing, etc., to meet necessary surface finish and dimensional requirements.

This specification is intended for the use of purchasers or producers, or both, of additively manufactured maraging steel parts for defining the requirements and ensuring part properties.

 “Maraging steel has high strength and toughness without losing ductility, weldability, and dimensional stability,” says ASTM member David Rosen, principal scientist at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research. “If maraging steel is used to replace lower grade steels, resulting parts may be lighter and stronger, which can have positive benefits on fuel efficiency of cars and airplanes, for example.”

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