On the heels of Uniformity Labs, two other AM companies will be selling their 3D printing equipment at auction: Arevo and Shapeways.


If Arevo made a real splash when it launched a production service of bikes, the company’s business initially started with the commercialization of AQUA 3D printers. Ever since it pivoted its business model, it continuously explored different types of services to grow the business.

The commercialization of Superstrate, a custom 3D-printed unibody carbon fiber e-bicycle, was followed by a crowdfunding campaign where it secured about $7M from more than 4000 backers. On top of that, investors, including Khosla Ventures, GGV Capital, In-Q-Tel, and Defy.vc, provided nearly $70 million.

If the company said last year, they delivered about 96% of these bikes, a great number of backers said they didn’t receive their due. A few of them reached out to 3D ADEPT Media to denounce that Arevo was a scam.

Until today, the company has remained quiet on its activities and the reasons that could explain this situation. However, even though it is too soon to confirm this fact, we can’t help but notice that startups like Arevo that specialize in carbon fiber-reinforced 3D printing seem to face more challenges in fostering the adoption of their technology in the market.

For those who are interested, Silicon Valley Deposition is handling the auction that will start today, February 6 and ends on February 8th. Featured assets include:

  • (3) ABB IRB 4600 Robots
  • (3) ABB iRC5 Single Robot Controllers
  • Laser TruPulse 2007 Nano
  • (2) Laser Line LDM 800-60
  • (10) IPG DLM-200-975-AC Diode Laser Modules
  • (2) IPG DLM-100-975-AC Diode Laser Modules
  • (2) LMT Gocator 2340D-2-R-01-T 3D Printer Sensor
  • (5) FLIR A35 Cameras
  • Flir Laser
  • RAISED PRO2 I Us 3D Printer
  • Raise3D E2- Printer
  • Ultimaker 3 3D Printer
  • (3) Creality CR-10 3D Printers
  • (4) SMC Thermo Chiller
  • (2)Glen Dimplex WVI-1001-M Chiller
  • Mishima Tester Machine
  • Tester Bike Frame w/ Crate
  • (8) Superstrata bikes

You may follow this link to register for the auction.


Shapeways is probably one of the 3D printing service bureaus that no longer needs any introduction in this market. The company will set to auction off $5 million of its equipment, from February 26th to February 27th, 2024. The equipment mainly includes Desktop Metal industrial 3D printers.

According to Heritage Global Partners (HGP) that is hosting the event, this will be the second auction of Shapeways – the first one having taken place last year, in October 2023, with a listing worth $4 million.

As a reminder, Shapeways, Inc. went public via a business combination with Galileo Acquisition Corp. Given the current underperformance of SPAC and series D+ VC-funded companies, we can’t help but link Shapeways’ auctions to a SPAC deal that would not have helped the company to live up to the hype.

An in-depth analysis will follow taking into account the current challenges faced by other AM companies that went public via a SPAC deal.

In the meantime, you may have a look at Shapeways’ assets up for auction here.

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