For those unfamiliar with the company Any-Shape, the enterprise, located in the Wallonia region of Belgium, is dedicated to 3D technologies. Any-Shape offers its customers a whole value-chain for additive manufacturing – from custom design to production and post-treatments.Recently, the company has been approved of being Scalmalloy’s certified member in the distribution and manufacturing program of AirBus / APWorks.

 Scalmalloy® is described to be an “aluminum-magnesium-scandium alloy with a unique microstructure, strength and ductility compared to other aluminum alloy powders”. It has many unique abilities and characteristics, which can be viewed on the chart below:

Scalmalloy’s unique characteristic is its unification of both titanium and aluminum properties. Other important qualities to note about the material are, but not limited too; good weldability, its corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion, stable moisture, its machining and anodizing processes.

This is not the first time we receive news about Scalmalloy®. Late last year we first heard of this material when LPW Technology partnered up with AIRBUS APWORKS GmbH to provide the material to the 3D printing sector. Both companies played key roles in realising this project and it is quite evident that more companies will realise the value of this material – Any-Shape sure has.

We believe that with Any-Shape being a member of the distribution and manufacturing program of AIRBUS/APWORKS, it can definitely expand its offering and its position in the market place.


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