With this new release, Ansys focused on time required to solve product development challenges.

So many issues are currently involved in product lifecycles in industries: additive manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, electrification and 5G connectivity. Simulation software have to comply with such type of environment in order to deliver expected results.

With ANSYS Pervasive Engineering Simulation solutions, users can accelerate the design process with a new single window, efficient workflows and patent-pending advanced meshing technology for computational fluid dynamics (CFD. New processes for developing embedded software for safety-critical applications, dramatic computational speed and user experience improvements for solving automotive radar scenarios, digital twins, 3D design exploration and structural modeling have also been integrated.

Main features of the 19.2

The 19.2 will enable users to accelerate CFD simulations thanks to a patent-pending technology integrated in ANSYS® Fluent® meshing. The latter enables to deliver results at faster speeds. This is made possible thanks to the variety of boundary layer meshes using polyhedral meshes.

With the new Design Exploration, 3D simulation has been simplified. ANSYS® Discovery Live™ now includes a parameter studies capability, scripting and customization features – empowering users to make complex design changes easier. The parameter studies empower designers to test new ideas with minimal setup and run time, learn more about simulation results and better understand the trends and trade-offs between design goals. Enhancements to ANSYS® Discovery™ AIM® include improved physics-aware meshing that will empower designers to make critical, upfront design choices faster.

Other features include:

  • Increased Speed and Performance for Multiphysics Designs
  • Expanded Capabilities to perform Functional Safety Analysis for Automotive Semiconductors.
  • Expanded systems simulation capabilities for autonomous and electric vehicles
  • Improved simulation for electronics design


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