ANSYS and Granta Design to improve materials traceability in Additive Manufacturing

Materials information is an issue often addressed by engineers and scientists while working in an additive manufacturing project. Indeed, if the information is not accurate and traceable, it could not be exploitable.

A solution to such type of issue might be the use of a simulation software. ANSYS and Granta Design perfectly illustrate this situation.

ANSYS’ simulation for metal powder bed AM has been integrated into Granta’s materials gateway. The GRANTA MI: Materials Gateway for ANSYS Workbench offers an integrated set of workflows for AM data capture, simulation and optimization. This integration of the simulation software into the materials gateway of Granta enables users to directly access and use validated materials data stored in their GRANTA MI corporate materials database, while working in ANSYS®Workbench™.

Both companies are also looking for ways to connect ANSYS® Additive Print TM to GRANTA MI.

Our collaboration with ANSYS will help organizations working towards AM parts get it right the first time,” said David Cebon, managing director and co-founder, Granta Design. “By integrating physical and virtual methods and data relating to AM, we can help to dramatically reduce the time and number of builds required to produce parts with the required properties.”

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