Anousha Payne makes use of 3D printing to create “Imagined Artefacts”

“Imagined Artefacts” is the latest art series of Anousha Payne, a London-based artist. The project presents a set of 3D printed abstract structures which represent the different meanings of an artefact outside of its context.

Anousha Payne is recognized for exploring meaningful questions related to the art world: the influence of self image and identity in the digital age or the use of modern technologies such as 3D printing are some of these questions.


How do “Imagined Artefacts” come alive?

Payne’s inspiration comes from 3D scanning of some artefacts she saw in museums and cultural centers.

From 3D scans, she used a 3D printer to create those artefacts. The pieces of “Imagined Artefacts” ressemble a vase mixed with a vortex. For Payne, 3D printed objects remain artefacts from an imagined specific place and a specific time.


An imaginary artefact is something that I kind of made up to describe the objects I was making,” said the artist. “What I think of an imaginary artifact is quite literal. I’m imagining an artifact that may have existed in another world. I was thinking about whether an object still has virtual qualities when it’s replicated. Is it still the same thing when I made it huge and in another material?


Indeed, the truth is, nowadays, a work of art realized with the use of 3D printing technology, raises more than ever the issues of authenticity and cultural value. Does it preserve (all or part of) its original value? Or is it, on the contrary, a new work or art?

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