For some patients, it has become crucial to get the best care possible. That’s why some doctors increasingly communicate about the way they provide care and the medical equipment they utilize.  In this specific industry, 3D Printing and digital imaging have brought a significant improvement in Orthodontics.

Dr. Matt Ahrens, an orthodontist in Riverview and Gibsonton, FL, reflects this improvement. He holds a practice, SouthShore orthodontics, where he has incorporated digital scanning and an in-house 3D printer to ensure more accurate and comfortable orthodontic care.

Digital scanning is performed with 3Shape TRIOS® Digital Scanner, which provides a clear, accurate representation of the patient’s mouth without the need for liquid impression trays. Instead, a handheld scanner is held over the teeth, sending the data to dental software. With this comprehensive information, a physical model of the patient’s teeth can be printed in-house, at the SouthShore Orthodontics office. There are many benefits to having a 3D printed model. One of which is the ability to create properly fitting Invisalign® orthodontic aligners throughout treatment as well as retainers to maintain newly straightened smiles, using the printed model to perfect the fit instead of the patient.

According to our doctor, from the initial digital scans to the finished straightened smile, technology has improved every stage of orthodontic care. Previous barriers that may have prevented patients from seeking treatment, such as visible metal brackets, treatment and daily discomfort, and food restrictions, have been replaced with more comfortable and convenient alternatives. The path to straighter teeth has never been easier.

In the same context, instead of visible metal brackets, some doctors use invisible braces, that have also been manufactured using 3D printing.

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