An online shop for EnvisionTEC Aria 3D Printer

Selling entry level 3D printers online might become the new trend this summer. Last week, 3D Systems launched an e-commerce shop for the FabPro™ 1000, an industrial 3D printer for jewelers that are beginners in the field. It integrates both smooth surface quality, accelerated throughput and a straightforward user interface.

Today, EnvisionTEC follows the move with Aria, its entry-level 3D Printer. The 3D printer was unveiled last year in November. As a reminder, it is ideal for desktop makers of jewelry, consumer goods such as toys and miniatures as well as industrial parts.  The Digital Light Processing (DLP) printer that uses an HD projector to deliver best-in-class surface finish and accuracy.

Four materials are included in this package:

EC500, a lost wax casting material available ideal for heavier jewelry pieces.

PIC100 which produces castable parts with details such as thin walls and intricate features. Three times harder than carving wax and ideal for delicate jewelry.

QView interesting for quick design verification.

And RC90, a high heat-resistant material containing ceramic for building tough and stiff parts. It is ideal for building parts to create rubber mold masters. This material is mostly used by technology, entertainment and jewelry manufacturers.

The Aria is available for purchase online, with an estimated delivery date of 4-6 weeks from purchase. Shipping is currently limited to customers in North America and Europe.

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