Meet Aria, EnvisionTec new desktop 3D printer

EnvisionTEC, one of the pioneers in DLP 3D printing just unveils Aria. With high-quality components and patented firmware and software, the 3D printer is intended for professional  3D printer users.

Ideal for desktop makers of jewelry, consumer goods such as toys and miniatures as well as  industrial parts, Aria integrates a UV LED light engine, a dual-axis Z slide and a material tray built with optical glass instead of plastic.

Its Z layer resolution can be set at 25, 35 or 50 microns, depending on material. Furthermore, the company’s firmware and software incorporated in the 3D printer offer patented grayscaling and exposure strategy techniques for superior performance.

For 15 years, EnvisionTEC has been known for its unwavering commitment to delivering professional-grade 3D printers, and we have never wanted to sell a cheap printer,” said CEO Al Siblani. “Today, with the launch of Aria, we remain faithful to our mission of delivering a premium product, but at a more accessible price that gives users a taste of EnvisionTEC’s outstanding quality.”

As for the materials…

In the package, professionals will also find a great number of materials: EC500, the ideal material for heavier jewelry pieces, PIC100 which is three times harder than carving wax and recommended for delicate jewelry. QView, a printing material used for quick design verification, as well as RC90 ― A heat-resistant material containing ceramic for building stiff parts — are also included.

Priced at $6,999 (€5907.30), Aria is now available for purchase online at, with an estimated delivery date of 4-6 weeks from purchase.

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