AME ACADEMY: First Online Portal to Educate About Additively Manufactured Electronics

3D printed electronics is this niche of the additive manufacturing industry that has not experienced the same growth as others while the industries leading the adoption of additive manufacturing are the same kinds of industries that are now making strides in the direction of additive manufacturing of electronics (aerospace, defense and R&D organizations).

Several reasons might explain this slow growth, one of them being the fact that players that have made 3D printed electronics their core business, never really took the time to teach how this new process can change the way high performance electronic devices (Hi-PEDS™) are produced.

This is about to change as Nano Dimension Ltd. has announced the launch of the AME ACADEMY (which stands for Additively Manufactured Electronics Academy -, an industry first educational series that will teach both professionals and individuals about AME.

Nano Dimension is one of the first companies that spreads the word about applications that can be achieved via AME. It feels natural today to see the company at the heart of this project, alongside other industry insiders such as NovaCentrix, nScrypt Ink., IDTechEx and Electroninks that will co-ordinate the event.

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 IDTechEx, an independent market research company focusing on business intelligence and emerging technologies, will lead the first seminar and discuss market trends in the AME industry and provide insights about current and future opportunities for 3D electronics technology.

The seminars will include classes on such topics as: “RF Devices and Antennas,” “Packaging,” “High Performance Materials for Next Generation Electronics,” and “Photonic Curing for Additive Manufacturing.”

The virtual seminar, first of many annual events to be announced, is scheduled for February 23, 2021 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm ET.  

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