AM Solutions to debut a six-part live event series on AM’s real-world uses

With the goal of highlighting what’s possible to achieve with AM across key verticals, AM Solutions is launching a six-part live event series named „inside AM“.

The brand of Rösler Group dedicated to 3D post processing technology has invited representatives from companies across key vertical industries that adopt AM technologies so that they share key insights into their experience, applications, visions and hurdles to overcome in their AM journey.

Manuel Laux, Head of AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology, explains: „Anybody, who deals with the subject Additive Manufacturing, is probably overwhelmed by reports about the numerous innovative applications of this technology. With our interesting interactive event, we, jointly with our guests, want to shine a light on the question ‘Additive Manufacturing changes the world. Is this just a vision or already real?’ and provide information on the actual situation”.

AM Solutions also states that the event is broadcast live from its new Customer Experience Center of AM Solutions. Remember, the one they opened last year at Untermerzbach (in Germany)?

The guest of the first episode will feature Christoph Hansen, Director Technology & Innovation at Sauber Engineering AG, a member of the Swiss Sauber Group.

At 3D ADEPT, we know the company through the parts they manufacture as part of the Sauber-operated Formula One’s activities, given the increasing demand for faster, lighter and more reliable cars.

Sauber is able to achieve these goals using Additive Manufacturing and, today, one can fairly say they have one or two valuable things they can teach to other companies that are looking to take their first step in AM.

 Christoph Hansen comments: „When AM Solutions presented this new discussion concept to me, I immediately liked the idea to look at Additive Manufacturing from different angles and from the view of different industries. It is honest and informative. I look forward to report to the viewers, how we started exploring the possibilities of AM, and how we expanded the use of this manufacturing technology beyond just the Formula One racing cars”.

The live stream with Christoph Hansen will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 3.00 PM (CET). Viewers can register free-of-charge under Subsequent dates and times for the other online live events are yet to be disclosed.

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