AM 4 AM and Pint to design and produce 3D printed prototypes in HiperAl

Additive Manufacturing material producer AM4AM and Pint, a company that provides on engineering research and development services, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to design and produce prototypes made of HiperAl.

The latter is the first AM metal powder developed by AM4AM. The high mechanical strength aluminum is a Zirconium derivative of a 7000 series aluminum powder produced by the company’s patented cold plasma treatment. According to AM4AM, the material’s mechanical properties would be a perfect fit for laser based additive manufacturing processes. The cracks and porosities formation often encountered in the processing of aluminum by AM is erased with HiPerAl allowing high quality parts to be formed, the company says.

Maxime Delmée, CEO and Founder of AM 4 AM explains that with this release, they were looking for a partner to complete the entire value chain from customers’ ideas to the final prototypes. “Pint, with their expertise in processing uncommon materials, attracts our attention and we recognize their competences to develop prototypes with properties that fits perfectly our customer’s needs”, he adds.

AM 4 AM and Pint will be sharing their respective expertise in materials and processes to develop and propose aluminum parts made of HiperAl.

“The innovative aspect of the functionalization process of their powder, allowing them to obtain high-level mechanical characteristics, is in total adequacy with the approach of Pint. Indeed, we are working on the development of advanced mechanical components, relying in particular on the elaboration and the use of innovative alloys with higher properties”, Paul Didier, President of Pint comments.

First parts issued from this collaboration will be produced in Q1 2023

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