Aidro achieves AM facility certification from DNV for 2 metal 3D printing technologies

Aidro, a subsidiary of Desktop Metal and an expert in the production of hydraulic and fluid power systems through metal additive manufacturing (AM), has achieved an AM Manufacturer certification from DNV.

The risk management and quality assurance company for the oil & gas and maritime industries, has awarded two certifications, DNV-SE-0568 and DNV-ST-B203, to Aidro’s facility in Taino, Italy for two metal printing technologies.

Described as “first-ever global AM Manufacturer certifications”, they were designed in specific support of the mission-critical energy value chain, which includes the maritime and oil & gas industry.

The certifications follow a rigorous review process by DNV, including an audit of Aidro’s facility, metal AM processes qualification, as well as qualification of parts produced by Aidro through AM methods, including mechanical, microstructural, and macrostructural tests. To achieve AMC 3 level certification for laser powder-bed fusion, DNV qualified a specific 316L part produced by Aidro for a customer, as well as a 17-4PH part for binder jetting AMC 1 level certification.

Our team is incredibly proud to receive this global certification for binder jetting and laser powder bed fusion,” said Valeria Tirelli, President and CEO of Aidro, based in Taino, Italy. “The rigorous process used by DNV will enhance industry confidence in these additive manufacturing methods and continue to support the transition of the demanding energy, oil & gas, and maritime industries toward Additive Manufacturing 2.0. Customers taking the leap into the AM 2.0 future are already realizing incredible benefits, including performance enhancements, lighter weight parts, distributed on-demand manufacturing and digital inventory that reduces the need for physical stock.”

DNV said Aidro’s qualification is an important step for the mission-critical industries to move into a new era of digital manufacturing.

We congratulate Aidro for being the world’s first in the industry to receive DNV’s qualification for Binder Jetting Technology (BJT) at AMC 1 level and AMC 3 level for Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion technology (PBF-LB). We look forward to continuing close cooperation with Aidro to drive the digitalization shift in manufacturing and providing them and their customers with assurance and confidence in AM products as their use grows across the energy spectrum,” said Dr. Sastry Kandukuri, Global Practice Lead on Additive Manufacturing at DNV’s Technology Centre in Oslo, Norway.

Due to the significant impact additive manufacturing will have on the future energy value chain, we emphasize the importance of producing components that meet industry standards. The DNV facility qualification certificate serves as a crucial quality indicator, confirming that a manufacturer and their facility have met the necessary standards for producing critical components for energy applications. The highly productive collaboration between DNV and Aidro has played a significant role in Aidro’s commitment to excellence in this field, and DNV is proud to have been a part of it,” added Kandukuri.


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