It is always surprising to see what kind of companies can enter the additive manufacturing market. Today, the industry welcomes Procter & Gamble, the big player in the world of consumer goods acknowledged for various brands, including their famous diapers Pampers.

The company will collaborate with Aether, a tech company that aims to develop AI and 3D printing for various industries. As a reminder, a personal experience brought the company’s CEO to the 3D printing market and led a few times later to Aether 1, an all-in-one 3D printer designed for 3D bioprinting and hybrid manufacturing.

Today, the two companies are launching a two-year development project during which Aether 1 will develop a set of hardware and software capabilities designed to automate and improve product research applications for P&G, as well as to develop another range of Aether 3D printers.

A three-phase development project

Aether is working with P&G to completely redefine 3D printing. It’s no longer going to be just about depositing a material or two in a specific pattern,” said Aether CEO and Founder Ryan Franks. “We’re building something more like an intelligent robotic craftsman, able to perform highly complex tasks with many different tools, visually evaluate and correct its work throughout the fabrication process, and constantly learn how to improve.”

In addition to 3D printing technology, the teams will also focus on machine learning image processing and other technologies.

Deep learning techniques will be used to train multiple neural networks such as convolutional neural networks, deep residual networks, generative query networks or other generative neural networks to achieve high-accuracy automatic 2D to 3D file conversion for P&G researchers.

Other technologies on the other hand, necessarily include that other fields might come into play. Indeed, Aether’s goal is to combine AI with robotics in order to facilitate the printing of complex structures using a wide variety of materials, tools, and fabrication methods.

This will not only push forward 3D printing but enable a new range of applications for other technologies.

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