Aectual 3D prints recyclable perimeter walls and facades again, this time for the UAE pavilion and in collaboration with Pragma

Aectual has 3D printed one of the largest pavilions with 3D printed facades and perimeter walls for the UAE pavilion at Floriade Expo 2022, The Netherlands – an exhibition and garden festival that takes place in the Netherlands once a decade. 

This is the second time that the architecture firm conducts such a project during an exhibition, the first time being at CES 2022 in the USA. However, this time, Aectual collaborated with Pragma, a UAE based architecture studio. 

The pavilion is an area of 8880 sqft, surrounded by an expansive claustra wall, a traditional architectural feature that can still be seen in the UAE urban environment. Designed in Dubai and manufactured locally in Amsterdam in order to create privacy whilst allowing air to come through as natural ventilation, the intricate triangular-shaped 3D printed blocks fit together like an immense jigsaw puzzle, creating a mesmerizing translucent wall.

The building inside the courtyard is clad entirely in green lightweight Aectual Weave panels with a custom pattern that relates to the claustra wall pattern. Aectual Weave panels are flexible and 3D printed in a plant-based plastic, and have an almost woven appearance, Aectual explains. 
Ahmed Khadier, Co-founder and Principal of Pragma: “The claustra wall that defines the perimeter of the garden was integral in delivering an immersive experience of a very specific type of landscape in the UAE pavilion. We wanted to capitalize on the inherent qualities of 3D printing as a construction method that promotes a transition to a more circular way of making buildings & cities of the future. The collaboration with Aectual’s team and reliance on their recyclable 3D printing approach allowed us to achieve a modern and elegant aesthetic that blends tradition with innovation in a sustainable production method.” 

As a reminder, Aectual’s technology leads to an 80% CO2% reduction compared to conventional building methods.  Furthermore, as seen with the pavilion created at CES 2022, all 3D printed parts used in the UAE Pavilion at Floriade Expo 2022 can be shredded after use and re-printed into new products, making them 100% circular.

Since its release, this ‘Circular Service’ has become a standard feature for all Aectual’s interior products and architectural systems, creating an additional 80% CO2 reduction on every new product life cycle.

The UAE Pavilion, titled, “Salt Water Cities: where land meets sea,” presents the UAE’s unique journey to innovate and overcome the challenges of living in an ecotone of desert and sea to grow thriving, sustainable cities. The pavilion offers a multi-sensory experience, including a saltwater garden and gallery featuring several halophytes, salt-tolerant plants, central to the UAE’s natural environment, and includes a halophyte gallery, and an immersive installation to transport visitors to a seagrass meadow, a press communication reads.

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