Credit: ADDiTEC

ADDiTEC, a company that is now providing services with Xerox’ liquid metal jetting technology, launches the Hybrid Series – Precision 5-Axis Hybrid Manufacturing.

Powered by two metal AM technologies, Liquid Metal Jetting and High-Power Laser DED, the Hybrid Series is a combination of the capabilities of Hybrid2 and Hybrid3.

Hybrid2 seamlessly integrates Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) with CNC machining, while Hybrid3 adds High-Power Laser-Assisted Directed Energy Deposition (LDED). It features an integrated 2-axis positioner rated for parts up to 100kg, enhancing the system’s capability to achieve precise 5-axis manufacturing.

 The importance of each technology

LMJ helps to create intricate and finely detailed components, utilizing cost-effective Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) welding wire while High-Power LDED is renowned for its high deposition rate and its ability to produce larger components or reduce lead times.

However, like LMJ, LDED employs COTS welding wire, ensuring cost efficiency and full material utilization.

The Hybrid Series incorporates a high-temperature print bed assembly with ADDiTEC’s patented quick-release technology for LMJ parts, providing automatic part removal.  With the integration of both LMJ and LDED heads within a single system, complex components with varying materials and properties can be manufactured.

In addition to this multi-material capability, the system’s subtractive process, primarily driven by CNC machining, ensures the desired surface finish and tight tolerances for parts manufactured using additive processes.

Financing options to acquire the new system start as low as $2999 per month.

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