Robotics software company ADAXIS is part of the exhaustive list of start-ups that have been created in the midst of the pandemic. Founders Henri Bernard, Guénolé Bras, Emil Johansson and Vasan Churchill created the company in early 2021 following years of applied research into using industrial robotics for advanced manufacturing at France-based centre ESTIA – Addimadour especially – and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

The company is officially turning stealth mode off today by securing 1 million euros in pre-seed funding from EIT Manufacturing, Newfund Capital, SkalePark and regional grants.

The start-up based in France and in Sweden develops a software platform that enables to transform and program commercially available industrial robots as flexible manufacturing cells based on 3D printing.

Combining robotic automation and 3D printing is increasingly becoming a substantial business for industry companies. As we saw with manufacturers like Orbital Composites, the principle consists in transforming industrial robots into large-scale 3D printers by combining them with print heads for metal, plastic, composites, or concrete.

Despite its potential, one big limitation of this manufacturing approach remains the time-consuming task of programming the robots which is the challenge ADAXIS ambitions to overcome today. The company explains in a press release that its software platform, AdaOne, covers all the tasks required to manufacture a part. From program generation to real-time process supervision and multi- physics numerical simulation. The software is scalable and can program robots of any size, allowing printable volumes up to tens of cubic meters. This capability gives companies the power to setup local, on demand, production of highly advanced parts, reducing the need for storage, transport, and logistics.

While large and complex parts are often mentioned as an example of what the software can achieve, it should be noted that repair of damaged parts can also be performed by allowing material to be deposited on existing 3D surfaces.

The founders have spent the last five years working on developing additive manufacturing process and robotic algorithm on research laboratory. With ADAXIS, our mission is to be a key catalyst for the industrialization and large-scale use of this technology,” says Emil Johansson, director of ADAXIS, “closing our first round of funding and partnering with strong, long-term investors allows us to take the next step on this journey.”

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