ActivArmor is playing in the big leagues now. The manufacturer of medical casts and splints has signed a partnership with Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute, official Sport Medicine Provider that gathers acknowledged teams such as the Armada, the Blue Wave, JU and the Jaguars.

The agreement stipulates that Jacksonville Orthopaedic Institute produces the company’s 3D-printed waterproof medical casts available as an option for its patients, including its client base of professional athletes.

JOI’s expertise in sports medicine makes them an ideal provider of this next-gen product,Diana Hall, founder of ActivArmor, said in a statement.

Being right on the field with their patients, they are able to see the benefits of our hygienic, waterproof orthoses firsthand, and provide their patients with the latest in custom-care solutions to improve healing outcomes and quality of life, both on and off the field,” she said.

This agreement follows the addition of Alpine Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Center in Gunnison, another sports medicine clinic as ActivArmor’s partner and reinforces the company’s expertise in the medical sector.

Images via ActivArmor

Nevertheless, the most important now is the benefits athletes will get: “being able to sweat, shower, ice and train while being immobilized” and this is made possible thanks to the use of 3D printing in the manufacturing process.

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