Ackuretta launches UV Curing oven for dental 3D printing

Machine manufacturer Ackuretta has added a biocompatible curing oven to its production portfolio. Named CURIE Plus, the new solution is designed to improve the manufacturing process of dental applications. The launch follows the release of its slicing software for its dental 3D printers.

The UV Curing Oven features an expanded chamber capacity that can cure up to 8 full arches simultaneously. It matches the 3D printing capacity of the Ackuretta SOL. With a broad UV wavelength coverage and 360o light distribution, it ensures each layer is cured and removes the need to manually flip prints.

CURIE Plus UV oven is built for compatibility with nitrogen sources that increase nitrogen saturation in the chamber to 95% and enable more efficient light absorption. Users are promised unseen aesthetics – including improved color transparency, smoothness, and up to 25% more flexural strength.

Equipped with an intuitive 5” touchscreen to monitor curing parameters and a one-click open/lock door mechanism to mitigate UV leakage, CURIE Plus offers a premium user experience. CURIE Plus’ calibrated resin library is pre-programmed with industry-leading resins, including Class IIa biocompatible materials, to make it easier to meet patient needs. Automatic Wi-Fi-enabled library updates ensure immediate access to the highest quality materials and conserve valuable time and effort.

According to the company, thanks to smart integration with SOL, users can now simplify their workflow from print to cure, reduce error, and optimize their productivity.


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