Ackuretta launches enhanced 3D printing slicing software for its dental 3D printers

With the goal of improving 3D dental printing, machine manufacturer Ackuretta has developed an improved 3D printing slicing software, named ALPHA AI.

If you are new to this world, keep in mind that a slicing software helps to translate a CAD drawing into a language the 3D printer can interpret, to create an object.

The peculiarity of ALPHA AI, is that it is powered by AI which guarantees success and eliminate human error: Import an STL file on the software, click the icon for the desired application and start printing in seconds, Ackuretta explains.

Up to 75% of 3D printed applications result in failure because of poor orientation. Some clinicians and dental technicians have to go through a learning curve – which leads them to experience failed prints due to a few reasons, such as choosing the wrong printing parameters, not using the correct resin, lack of training, and dealing with complex dental 3d printing software,” said Ayush Bagla, CEO of Ackuretta. “ALPHA AI comes to solve that exact problem. It uses machine learning to analyze data from thousands of real designs and comes up with the optimal orientation for a given application, including adding the necessary supports. Achieve the best result with just one click!”

According to the dental 3D printing technology provider, ALPHA AI will allow its users to orient an application, add the necessary supports, and save it not only as i3dp and ibf (Ackureta Solution proprietary file format) but also as an STL file. Ackuretta aims to empower its customers by offering them a truly open system – everything from 3D printing solutions to digital dentistry software. Dental experts could configure the print they want on ALPHA AI (such as placing it with the right orientation and adding supports) and export the STL file to use on any other 3D printing CAM software specific to non-Ackuretta devices for printing.

While the company plans to release update versions every quarter, the slicing software would currently be an ideal tool for the creation of supports for splints, crowns, bridges, and surgical guides.



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