AccuCities & Hobs 3D unveil an affordable 3D printed model of London


AccuCities, a London-based 3D mapping agency and provider of 3D services, Hobs 3D, have worked together on a scale model 3D printed of London. Both companies have been collaborating for years as mutual clients but this 3D printed model is the first result of their partnership we get to appreciate since they deepen their collaboration last year.

Hobs 3D has fabricated the model based on AccuCities accurate CAD data. The model is said to be the largest and most affordable of its kind, spans over 2.5 meters, covering almost 40 square kilometres from Hyde Park to Canary Wharf along the river Thames.

The 3D printed model will give architects, urban planners and anyone else who might require a physical city model the opportunity to make adjustments to London’s skyline quickly, accurately and affordably, a press release explains.

This level of interchangeability and flexibility is made possible due to the model being 3D printed on modular 10×10 cm tiles, with each tile covering 500 x 500 metres of the real-world environment. From a manufacturing perspective, experts note that 3D printing helps decrease the cost and production time of a 3D printed model needed for a series of presentations over 4 weeks by as much as 95%.

Creating a 3D printed London model in modular tiles means that we don’t have to 3D print the entire city model for each project, only the tiles affected by change. Add to that the option to hire the rest of the model instead of buying it and suddenly the option to use a 3D printed model becomes affordable even for small and medium-size projects”, Michal Konicek, AccuCities Director states.

This was a project that was just crying out to be completed. There have been other decent models of London made in the past, but nothing with this level of accuracy and scope. The combination of AccuCities’s high-precision 3D modelling with our state-of-the-art SLA 3D printing gives us the ability to produce something very few others could achieve”, Eric Savant, Managing Director of Hobs 3D notes.

The 3D printed model is available in a variety of ways. Customers can purchase reprints of any number of tiles from the model. They can order custom tiles, usually with proposed changes, highlighted features or simply a tile with a building removed so they can position designs that have 3D printed in-house. It’s also possible to 3D print as many surrounding tiles as is needed, or customers can purchase a copy of the 3D printed London model in its entirety.

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