AccuCities becomes Hobs 3D Industry Partner and 3D model supplier

Hobs Academy is a state-of-the-art training programme for individuals from under-represented backgrounds in London boroughs. It was set-up by Hobs 3D with support from the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and the Mayor of London. The course itself is spread between Ravensbourne University, Hobs 3D and other designated placement sites.

Industry Partner and 3D model supplier

As the course participants undergo projects in their hands-on curriculum in 3D Printing, Digital Visualisation as well as Architectural and Product Model Making, AccuCities has been approached by the course team as an obvious fit for an industry partner.

We love this initiative and think that Hobs 3D truly do their part in the community by organising this course,” says Brais Brenlla Ramos, AccuCities Lead UE4 Developer and a go-to Lecturer. “We think that it is important that students do get their hands on industry standard 3D models. At the same time we wanted them to be working on an area they all know. At the end the we were able to provide a High Detail Level 4 model of Here East building and Level 3 model of surrounding area. They will be able to use the data in all parts of the Academy Program. They all seem very switched on and I cannot wait to see what they were able to do with the model.”

Hobs Academy Curriculum

Participants undergo an in-depth curriculum in 3D Printing, Digital Visualisation as well as Architectural and Product Model Making. They focus on exploring the future of these technologies. Each course has timetabled lectures, tutorials, practical sessions, industry placements and personal learning time.

3D Printing

The 3D Print module covers all mainstream print technologies. Participants explore how the industry is constantly adapting and growing. In addition, they learn about innovations that are changing how 3D print is used. Participants learn about the typical workflow of 3D print projects; from modelling and slicing to printing and finishing. Some of the topics this section covers are materials, resolutions, finishing methods, geometric primitives, mould making and designing for 3D print.

Digital Visualisation

Similarly to our 3D Printing curriculum, the Digital Visualisation module gives participants insight into how technologies are rapidly advancing. They study new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. In addition, our participants develop skills in Data Preparation, Environment building, Textures and Lighting, and setting up an interactive 360° Environment.

Architectural and Product Model Making/Prototyping

During our Model Making module, participants learn the history of traditional Model Making as well as modern Model Making techniques. The programme is both theoretical and practical, ensuring all candidates are inducted into using all tools and machinery safely. The students learn various methods such as constructing 3D objects from laser-cut parts and CNC milling. As a result, participants learn how Model Making is used within a digital workflow and how these skills can be adapted for the 3D printing industry.

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