According to CRP Group’s new strategy, 3D Printing Service bureaus will no longer sell Windform® composite materials

CRP Group has just announced that Windform® composite materials will no longer be sold in service bureaus for the toll-manufacture of 3D printing components.

However, OEMs that directly produce their own materials will still get access to the materials. They will still benefit from CRP Technology’s customer service for installation and assistance.

On the other hand, CRP Technology and CRP USA will continue to offer 3D printing service producing parts and components in Windform.

Windform® composite materials are a selection of powders for additive manufacturing. They are acknowledged for their resistance and harsh applications. According to the company, the increase in production capacity in Europe and in the US will still guarantee each customer to receive the expected quantities and satisfy request from all over the world.

Even though no reason has been given to truly explain this change in its modus operandi of the company, it should be noted that its recent achievement of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard (regarding the manufacture of 3D printed parts and the production of Windform® composite materials for SLS technology) is in line with this new strategy.

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