Windform® would be the appropriate composite materials for harsh applications

Windform® is a material recently unveiled by CRP Technology. According to the company, it would be convenient for Laser Sintering technology due to its mechanical properties. It enables to meet the needs of the additive manufacturing market thanks to its flexibility, elasticity and resistance (to damage from vibration, deformation, high and low temperatures, and liquids).

Furthermore, it has passed the flammability UL 94 HB test and did not show degradation with VUV testing. The material was also exposed to vacuum ultraviolet radiation and did not show degradation. The “Test for flammability of plastic materials for parts in devices and appliances” UL 94 was carried out on test specimens 1 to 3 mm thickness. Results show that the materials successfully obtained the HB classification.

Laser Sintering polyamide-based carbon fiber reinforced Windform® XT 2.0 and Windform® SP composite materials, along with LS polyamide-based glass-fiber reinforced Windform® GT and Windform® LX 3.0 composite materials, have been tested for their flammability rating.”

Samples of Windform® LX 3.0 and Windform® SP were subjected to VUV testing by exposing to ~8 solar equivalents in LEO, with a wavelength range of 115-200 nm VUV radiation from a 30 W Hamamatsu L7292 deuterium lamp for 36 continuous hours.

Test results report “Windform® SP and Windform® LX 3.0 samples did not show degradation with VUV testing”.

Both test results confirm Windform are the most appropriate composite materials for challenging and harsh applications.

Results can be obtained from the website here.

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