3YOURMIND update can automatically detect the ideal part for 3D Printing

Identifying parts and appropriate components remains an issue that needs to be addressed in an additive manufacturing (AM) process. To address this issue, companies rely on various types of software. 3YOURMIND serves as an example today since it provides manufacturers its AM Part Identifier software to solve this issue.

AM Part Identifier (AMPI)

The recently update enables an automatic analysis of large part databases to detect which parts are ideal for 3D printing, and whether to switch from traditional to additive manufacturing for any given part.

The analysis includes both technical and economic aspects. Metadata of individual components, such as material selection, quality and production requirements or specifications from CAD programs (optional) will all be checked to ensure a perfect production process.

Image via 3YOURMIND

Stephan Kühr, 3YOURMIND’s CEO explains that there are 2 additional ways to find AM suitable parts:

Employees can now suggest items for AM by feeding them directly into AMPI. The second option consists in ensuring that parts are a definite for AM before moving into production and this is made possible by allowing newly arriving print orders to be screened prior to being placed.

For Stephan Kühr, “AMPI, alongside our other platforms, enables companies to fully exploit the advantages of additive manufacturing and ensures a significantly more efficient production workflow.”

Furthermore, another interesting update of the part identifier, is the Use Case Screening.

The value the new Use Case Screening directly affects employee’s workflow. Designers, for example, can run new parts through our screening process and check whether they are potential AM parts before they even open a CAD program. They can then create an AM optimized design, avoiding costly redesigning of parts. And this is just one example of how departments can benefit from Use Case Screening.” says Dominik Lindenberger, AM Part Identifier Product Manager at 3YOURMIND.

Lastly, users can get a direct access to additive manufacturing by transferring relevant 3D models into 3YOURMIND’s other tools and entering this way end-to-end AM workflow.

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