Image via 3DZ

3DZ, one of the biggest 3D printing technologies distributors in Europe, signed a partnership with Zeiss and QFP. These two companies specialize in non-contact 3D measurement systems that 3DZ will now commercialize.

Zeiss specializes in industrial metrology systems while QFP focuses on optical and laser metrology. Such type of measurement systems eases the detection of objects with dimensions of a few millimeters (tools, jewelry or elements of dental technology) on the one hand, on the other hand, 3D deformation analysis services.

According to experts, the dimensional analysis checks performed with 3D scanning techniques, offer many advantages over traditional measurements with touch probe machines.

In fact, in addition to 3D optical scanning systems, one notes that all the systems offered by Zeiss are calibrated through dimensional analysis with laser systems, traditional CMMs and non-contact real-time 3D deformation analysis services.

The three partners will organize a series of events to enable professionals to discover the benefits of industrial 3D printing combined to quality control (through 3D measurement systems).

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