3DOS’ambitious project: building “the world’s largest” on-demand manufacturing network – on blockchain

3DOS, a startup based in the Silicon Valley, shares its ambitious goal to build the “world’s largest on-demand manufacturing network”, on blockchain.

The problem 3DOS aims to address is the slow supply chain process, from design to production, to delivery. According to the company, it still costs a lot to go to the market, hence the idea of enabling manufacture anywhere.

Just like YouTube revolutionized the video industry, allowing anyone to simply upload a video and reach farther than traditional media, 3DOS is doing exactly the same for the 3D creator economy and 3D designers. Anyone – brands, celebrities, influencers – would be able to take a product to market, making merchandise with close to zero risk, with one click, a press communication explains.

The innovator behind this new venture is John Dogru, that you probably know as the founder of 3DPrinterOs, a platform that operates under the umbrella of 3D Control Systems. It connects desktop 3D printers to a network just the same as desktop PCs are linked to a server.

So, how does 3DOS’ on-demand manufacturing network work?

3DOS has the vision to create the world’s largest peer-to-peer manufacturing network, allowing anyone to upload a design, receive royalties, and have it made anywhere in the world. 3DOS instantly connects demand and supply in real-time – so products are made on-demand locally: No waste, no inventory, no international shipping,said John Dogru, CEO and Founder, 3DOS.

To do so, the platform relies on the 3DPrinterOS infrastructure, to create a manufacturing network where users could request a build and have it routed to an appropriate manufacturing operation. The company states there are currently 9 million designs in 3DPrinterOS that they will migrate onto the 3DOS blockchain.

Furthermore, in order to generate revenue, they predict that their minimum viable product (MVP) will launch by charging a flat $10 fee for every design or product uploaded to the network, which will allow designers to earn royalties each time their designs are printed.

As the global supply chain moves to decentralized localized manufacturing, companies need to protect their royalties and guarantee authenticity. That is why we started developing 3DOS. The network uses NFT-based blockchain technology. — allowing anyone to upload a design, receive royalties, and have it made anywhere in the world, on demand, the company concludes.

The three in one concept that enables to design, manufacture, and monetize all on one platform, looks to become the next big thing in manufacturing.

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