3Diligent Corp is known for its digital manufacturing services provider. The company provides services such as, but not limited to, 3D printing, CNC machining and casting. 3Diligent has recently announced their expansion of digital manufacturing services by adding comprehensive machining and casting services.

This expansion stems from the need of companies who are in constant search of the companies fabrication network, as well as their knowledge in regards of 3D printing products. Customers seeking large quantities and materials that are not currently offered on the market are also a target of this expansion.

CEO and co-founder Cullen Hilkene explains further, “We strive to be a complete digital manufacturing solution for our customers from prototyping through production. These new services complement our existing ones and allow us to provide even more convenient one-stop shopping value to our customers.”

Machining and casting services

Such announcement should come of no surprise as this is not 3Diligent’s first time expanding its range. Late last year 3Diligent expressed their motives of broadening their 3D product offerings by the expansion of their 3D printing materials and processes. 3Diligent now offers milling, turning, electro discharge machining, water jetting and laser cutting as part of their new machining process. Their recent casting services include urethane casting, silicone casting and metal casting.

Customers can order parts of the new machining and/or casting services on the company website.


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