3DCeram’s C1000 FLEXMATIC 3D printer aims to ensure automation throughout the process

It’s been 7 years that 3DCeram has pivoted its business model from parts producer to process provider. Since then, the company keeps building a solid portfolio of machines, and keeps exploring new manufacturing approaches across vertical industries adopting its technology.

The key to this success certainly lies in the fact that each machine comes with a number of new variables that bring added value to each application. With the recently launched C1000 FLEXMATIC 3D printer, 3DCeram has been able to identify drivers for optimization to ensure automation throughout the process: from scraping, to lasering strategies, to the quality of ready-to-print ceramic formulations, to recycling and post processing.

Based on SLA, the machine manufacturer said the new machine aims to simplify the overall process while meeting the demanding requirements of industrial production. Key features that have been enhanced to achieve this goal include the build platform (320 x 320 x 200) that can achieve large parts and small part runs, a fast printing speed, a removable tank that allows semi-automated post-processing of printed parts, and thus continuous production for large series – all of them ensuring a user-friendly experience.

According to the company, the 3D printer has been designed with two laser options that could meet different production needs, its automation capacity ensures the recycling phase of the uncured material as well as the cleaning phase of the parts and the trays, and the printing process enables to save time as the 3D printed parts require little or no support.

One company that has already experienced the new machine is Alumina Systems. Remember? They opened a 3D Printing center for ceramic 3D Printing three years ago. One of the parts they have produced on the C1000 FLEXMATIC machine is shown below. Its production requires to combine dimensional feasibility with precision due to internal channels that could not be produced by any other shaping tool than 3D printing.

“Our commitment [as] process supplier implies that we are able to offer high-performance printers that [address] market developments. It also means supplying ceramic formulations as well as all related services (training and maintenance)”., 3DCeram concludes.

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