3D Systems has opened a new additive manufacturing center in Pinerolo, Italy. The company has invested a multimillion dollar to double the manufacturing capacity of its Italy-based clients. The good news is that the new center is an adjacent building to its current ISO-9001 certified production facility.

The specialist of SLA and SLS offers 3D Systems on Demand, a service dedicated to rapid prototyping, low-volume parts production and appearance models. At the hardware level, one can expect to find a suite of over 30 plastic 3D printers in a range of technologies, including SLS, SLA and digital light printing (DLP) represented by the company’s patented Figure 4™ technology. 

The manufacturer of 3D printers has made this service a core part of its business in main European countries where the technology has a potential: the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium and Germany.

The intent of bringing all SLA and SLS activity in a new center of excellence is to not only expand capacity for additive manufacturing and prototyping, but to increase the speed of delivery and the quality of the service due to our enhanced process automation,” said Marco Maio, general manager, 3D Systems On Demand, Pinerolo, T/O, Italy. “Through this expansion, we are also making a significant, positive impact on the local economy. A necessity for delivering on the increased demand is to ensure we have the right talent on board to deliver. This has necessitated significant investment in hiring a skilled workforce to operate these machines, and meet our customers’ needs.”

 “The breadth of our technologies render our facility in Italy, an end-to-end solution for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing of industrial parts and products, including post-processing like surface treatment and painting,” said Maio.

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