Improving the digital supply chain is not an issue only tackled by 3D printing companies. Software companies also feel concern and increasingly integrate new features, called intelligent capabilities to digitally optimize the supply chain. Indeed, new processes require technologies that will improve manufacturing processes from product design and production to delivery, operations and service.

Leading software company follows this move with the integration of SAP S/4HANA® to digital supply chain solutions. Companies therefore, can gain new insights, make predictions and instantly adapt in an agile supply chain that extends to customers and supplier networks.

Intelligent capabilities of SAP S/4HANA®

Those new possibilities include advanced variant configuration, enhanced sales forecasts and delivery performance, demand-driven replenishment, proposal of suggested options for materials without purchase contracts, process production now supported with recipe management development, deeper sourcing and supply integration with Ariba® Network, support for highly engineered products, as well as 3D visualization and production.

When it comes to manufacturing, operations often include bill of materials, intelligent process planning, shop floor execution and integrated system testing. With SAP’s new feature, production engineering and operations can be synchronized across manufacturing execution for complex assembly and low-volume operations, such as in aerospace and defense, which traditionally required manual processing.

Furthermore, providing visualization from design through production to service and maintenance has always been a big issue in the industry. The software company now proposes to combine core business processing with complete product lifecycle management to support decision-making, production and maintenance operations, and 3D printing of components.

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