3D Printing on Form 2: Formlabs Color Kit now available …

Color Kit improves Formlabs’ stereolithography (SLA). As announced on Form X, the manufacturer’s experimental product platform, users will now be able to print in color with FDM flexibility while discovering the boundaries of what’s possible with desktop SLA.

Color Kit

Color Kit is an integrated color mixing solution for SLA that enables Formlabs’ users to personalize their creations using a variety of colors and shades without requiring the manual work of painting.

Color Kit offers 16 color recipes or the ability to mix any color using Formlabs’ Color Picker tool.

Formlabs-Color- Game

Once their own Color Resin is created, customers can 3D print parts on Form 2 3D printer and field test product concepts in shades that fit their environment and align with their brand identity.

For looks-like prototypes, concept models, and others parts where aesthetic is top priority, Color Kit enables product designers, engineers, and other professionals to print many models in one consistent color, right off the printer, without the additional work of finishing and painting”, Marcelo Coelho, head of design at Formlabs said.

Formlabs’ SLA printing

As a reminder, SLA is an additive manufacturing technique that makes use of  UV-sensitive liquid resins. Through a process called photopolymerization, SLA converts liquid materials into solid parts, layer by layer.

Some people prefer this process for the accuracy of small printed parts. Notice is to be made that the smaller the part is, the more each detail counts.

For Formlabs, Color Kit is an important step to improve the user experience, especially given that the Form 2 is the flagship product of the manufacturer.

Each Color Kit includes: A Color Base cartridge, five bottles of Color Pigment in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White, syringes for easy measurement, and a Recipe Book. The pigments are mixed into the base material to create a full cartridge of Color Resin.

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