Ministry Supply’s, a Boston based company which designs and constructs garments true to the form of the body just signed a commercial agreement with Shima Seiki, a Japanese company specialized in manufacturing, knitting machines, and design systems. Both companies are taking advantage of the 3D printing and applying them to wide-scale clothing manufacture by using the Mach2XS.

Thanks to this 3D robotic knitted machine, companies find the opportunity to raise the standard of the market and presents new models within the clothing industry. The companies have relied on the ability to save on materials, an imprecision that does exist in traditional manufacturing processes. Indeed the particularity of the Mach2XS is that it has nearly zero wastage.

Furthermore, time is also part of the pack of advantages. In terms of production, the speed allows companies to reduce inventory costs whereas in terms of manufacturing, a blazer for instance can be made within an hour and a half.

However, the big inconvenience is that all shops cannot afford it because it weighs about 3000 pounds. Moreover, the device is quite hard to set up and needs a crane.

Finally, from the point of view of the consumers, Ministry of Supply gives them the opportunity to imagine and create their own clothes. If the product is personalized, their store then has a competitive advantage regarding online shopping.