3D print custom prosthetic limbs for kids from recycled ocean plastic

A Non-profit organization called Million Waves Project (MWP) turns recycled ocean plastic into 3D printed prosthetic hands. This idea will remedy to both the issues of ocean pollution and the limited access to affordable upper limb prosthetics.

The organization is one of the rare to provide a solution to limb prosthetics based on recycling. However, with regards to this initiative, other organizations precede MWP and sometimes with the help of acknowledged 3D printing companies: Unlimited Tomorrow, students of Grand Canton University (GCU), and even imedTech.

By 2050 it is said there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Additionally, approximately 40 million people in the developing world are in need of prosthetic limbs and have no access. Why not take this opportunity to reuse the millions of tons of ocean plastic for good? That’s the challenge of Chris Moriarity, founder of MWP.

I realized that one of the world’s most shameful problems could be reclaimed and turned into something to be proud of—a story of redemption we could all take part in—my wife was as excited as I was, even though it was 2AM”, Chris said.

Among the first partners that already join this initiative, there is GreenBatch, a non-profit in Western Australia that will provide recycled ocean plastic filament to build the 3D prosthesis.

3DUniverse, on its side will help with the implementation of the Million Waves Project’s long-term strategy; beginning with connecting funds raised by the Million Waves project to people needing limb-making parts.

And, the e-Nable community that is providing the open source 3D prosthetic templates and general support for the project.

We are just getting started,Moriarity said,This is a world-changing operation, and everyone can get involved on the ground floor—for as little as $45 we can provide a limb for someone that will dramatically change their life, they can go to work, or play ball with their friends—and we have the technology do it responsibly.”

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