Thanks to 3D technology, especially 3D imagery improves customers’ experience to the extent that they now have the possibility to visualize in 3D clothing they would like to buy.  Some companies, integrate a virtual fit and sample making software with real-time motion simulation for fit and design analysis.

In the B2B market, the concept is almost the same. FPX, specialist in Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions, and Catalog Data Solutions (CDS) put together CDS’ expertise in 3D computer-aided design modules and visualization capabilities with FPX’s interactive product configuration and quoting capabilities to improve B2B buyers’ experience online. The latter group can therefore visually configure every aspect of their products in real time.

The issue with B2B sales processes

In general, when talking about complex products, most of B2B sales processes are driven by the seller. The sales processes often require advanced spreadsheets and manual checks to assemble quotes and proposals.

FPX and CDS address this issue by reducing the risk of configuration errors and simplifying product creation.

By introducing and combining multiple CAD files, the new feature allows customers to adjust and re-configure each product. Once complete, engineers can approve projects before being sent through the pricing and quoting steps. By offering these capabilities all within FPX’s platform, the company continues to streamline and improve the buyer experience.”

It goes without saying that for both companies, it is a win—win collaboration. Indeed, according to the two players, “in a buying and selling journey, the incorporation of CPQ increases proposal production by 90 percent, and quote and order processes within the solution are 100 percent accurate.”

It is certainly a very interesting tool for companies that should manufacture complex products. Targeted companies in this context are manufacturers as well as distribution and solution providers.


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