Joslyn Manufacturing Co., a producer of thermoformed plastic components for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and point-of-purchase display companies, will accelerate its production with the help of a 3D printing technology.

The new 3D printer will enable them to save time and money in their Macedonia facility. According to Bret Joslyn, chief operations officer of the company, “what used to take weeks to build out a prototype — [they] can now do in days.” Speaking about the 3D printer, Bret adds: “It allows us to provide quick turnaround and short production runs for our customers.”

The truth is that the standard process would have required Joslyn‘s team of engineers to use blueprints or CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to produce a molded prototype out of wood (that would take weeks).

The 3D printer will benefit Joslyn customers on lead times, proving out design concepts relatively quickly, providing a more cost- and time-effective option.

3D Printing in business

3D Printing has had positive impacts on businesses today as the technology continues to transform businesses; customer satisfaction and value proposition.

For instance, just recently, Stratasys made use of additive manufacturing to improve dental laboratories, Lighthouse integrated 3D technology within the smart home camera, SprintRay and Patterson Dental’s distributed resin 3D printing technologies to dental practices and so many more.

At a NorTech conference, Hripko stated out 5 benefits of additive manufacturing and how it is not replacing the conventional methods of manufacturing but improving it. These five benefits are as followed:

  1. Effective use of resources
  2. Small-lot production
  3. Rapid manufacturing
  4. Agile manufacturing
  5. Reverse engineering

3D printing is vast and growing rapidly day by day, sector by sector. Its capabilities are becoming endless and more and more companies are grasping this fact.

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