Image: Creality. HALOT-Mage S 3D printer

It seems like minutes ago that we were explaining how, entry-level 3D printers have surprisingly been the hottest segment in the industry (January/February edition of 3D ADEPT Mag, pp 12-15, Business | The “fall and rise” of desktop 3D printing) with Creality being one of the 3D printer manufacturers gaining the biggest market share of this segment.

With its 10th anniversary, the company headquartered in China is more than ever committed to fostering a vibrant 3D printing community worldwide.

This anniversary is also an opportunity for the company to shed light on some of its recent milestones.

A rebranding

First and foremost, Creality is starting a new decade with a rebranding: a new logo and a new slogan “Imagine it, Make it”.

 The logo features a creative green “A” that also resembles intertwining hands, symbolizing sustainability, proficiency, and community. The brand revolution revolves around the core values, encapsulated in the brand essence “USAVE” – “Usable, Smart, Affordable, Versatile, Enjoyable”, each embodying a distinctive commitment.

Credit: Creality

Key products

Key products the OEM will now highlight, include:

  • the Creality K2 Plus + Creality Filament System (CFS) – a device that identifies and manages filaments with RFID tags, ensuring optimal pairing for each print against material, color and weight
  • the Ender-3 V3 Plus (an FDM 3D printer)
  • the HALOT-Mage S (a resin 3D printer), its enclosed laser engraver and cutter Creality Falcon2 Pro 60W
  • the CR-Scan Otter for precise scanning objects of all sizes
  • the CR-Scan Raptor, a 3D scanning solution featuring infrared structured light scanning and covering sizes from 5-2000mm

With over 50 vibrant filament colors across the Ender, CR, and Hyper series, Creality also launches an RFID series filament for color and material recognition and intelligent management via Creality Cloud.

 If a lot of ups and downs may have happened during this past decade, the future of Creality seems bright – and even if we do not emphasize it enough, those who can benefit from its products are professionals from all industries, not just makers and hobbyists.

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