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We kick off volume 7 of 3D ADEPT Mag with a focus on Aerospace and Space, two vertical industries driving the growth of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies. Today, aerospace companies using AM have clearly understood the value proposition AM can bring to their production activities. The challenge now consists in going beyond their current use of the technology. This January/February edition of 3D ADEPT Mag provides a picture of how AM transforms aircraft design and production. With stories from AM users and insights into related processes, it provides an avenue to explore the various possibilities currently available on the market.

Exclusive features

DOSSIER | How does AM transform aircraft design and production today? 

If design and manufacturing are two different aspects of a part production; one cannot truly work without the other. They reinforce each other to generate the biggest impact and it’s important to see how they evolve with the current advancements of the technologies. With contributions from GKN Aerospace & Materialise.

Post-processing | The use of HIP for critical 3D printed parts: introduction and applications

The dossier below aims to understand how and where exactly HIP can influence the AM process to make the most of it.

Materials | Using composites to replace metal parts in Additive Manufacturing: when and how?

OEMs continuously explore the capabilities of AM with other materials that could potentially serve as alternatives to metals. One category that is worth mentioning today is composites which benefit from a century of research into the production of components with subtractive techniques. However, when combined with AM, a couple of points need to be considered. This dossier discusses them with insights from Moi Composites.


  • Greg Morris, the  AMUG “Innovations Award Winner” on his journey, the adoption of AM across industries and the future of Zeda
  • Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace, Defence & Space conference taking place in February

Business | The “fall and rise” of desktop 3D printing

As the industry strives for the industrialization of AM, it’s fair to reassess the importance and current place of desktop 3D printing in this journey. CONTEXT and Mosaic Manufacturing share insights into this topic.

AM Shapers | Agile Space Industries on the use of Additive Manufacturing in in-space propulsion systems

Apart from electric propulsion systems used for commercial communications satellites, most of the rocket engines in service today are chemical rockets. This type of propulsion system presents several challenges that need to be prioritized to deliver high value for the in-space propulsion market. In its list of priorities, Agile Space Industries discusses the challenges where Additive Manufacturing plays a pivotal role.

Interview of the Month | How 7 decades of expertise in electron beam technology have helped position JEOL in the AM market

With the dozen players that entered the electron beam melting market during the past five years, the electron beam melting status has evolved from a “spare wheel” technology to a solution that could provide strong advantages that laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) does not. Among these newcomers, one that could potentially disrupt the current technology landscape is JEOL LTD.