ZW3D CAD/CAM will serve for medical innovations at University of Pécs

University of Pécs

ZW3D has donated ZW3D 2018 to the University of Pécs (PTE) in Hungary. Its flagship product will enable to improve 3D medical engineering model in a 3D project Group.

The University of Pécs is the first university of Hungary. Founded in 1367, the acknowledged technology institution aims to improve medical research hence the creation of the 3D Project Group.

University of Pécs

The 3D print facility is aware of the scope of 3D printing technology and aims to develop activities within engineering, health and arts. 3D printing being at the heart of medical innovations, the use of such a technology cannot be done without a suitable 3D CAD solution hence the intervention of ZW3D.

The software of the company offers a reverse engineering module, which enables students to have an intuitive view of how their innovative works apply in the real world. Furthermore, in a recent collaboration with Daniel Dobrzynski, the company has released a review of the main features of the software that could be helpful for students.

Image via ZW3D

As part of projects that have always been carried out with the software, the 3D project Group have designed organ parts such as bones, teeth and their silicon molds in rehabilitation equipment, with flexible Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling.

They will also try to carry out the tasks from 3D mesh modeling (such as STL/point cloud data) to 3D CAD modeling through ZW3D built-in reverse engineering features.”

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