Zortrax adds “3D printing services” to its existing business. Already available through its website, the FDM & resin-based 3D printers’ manufacturer will provide these services with its own technologies.

“The introduction of custom printing services is another stage in the company’s development and
a response to market needs. We want to be not only a manufacturer of equipment but also a partner for everyone interested in implementing 3D technology in their projects or on the production line. Custom printing means opening another segment of customers who do not necessarily have their own equipment but who want to take advantage of the possibilities offered by 3D printing.
“, said Rafał Tomasiak, Zortrax CEO.

How the service works?

Customers will only need to fill in the form on Zortrax website and send in attachments their 3D files for production.

Once Zortrax has received a customer’s CAD file, a specialist will help him/her select the best technology and material for the printout. The services will be provided with the full range of Zortrax products including M200 Plus, M300 Plus, M300 Dual, Inventure or Inkspire and dedicated materials. An Apoller device will be used for professional smoothing of printouts in the post-production process. Zortrax’s 3D printing farm consists of a network of more than 200 devices, enabling the fast and efficient handling of orders.
In addition, the company guarantees the commissioned projects will be handled by qualified, experienced engineers specializing in all relevant technologies. The final product can be sent to any location in the world.

“We offer our customers three 3D printing technologies: LPD, LPD Plus, and UV LCD. This enables
us to carry out practically every project. Our solutions can be useful, e.g. for the dental and jewelry industry, for which we have dedicated materials in our offer. We are open to various projects. We can do lamps, parts for cars and motorcycles, electronic housings, or components made with biocompatible resin printed under our supervision. Our vapor smoothing devices make it possible for us to handle the post-processing stage as well, since this can be burdensome for people who do not have specialized equipment or are just beginning their adventure with 3D printing. Thanks to the printer farm, we can also take on short-series production”,
added Miłosz Bertman, Lead 3D Designer at Zortrax.

Concerns about the FDM 3D Printing market

The launch of this service also shed light on the fact that 3D printer manufacturers increasingly expand their offering with the launch of 3D printing services. As seen with Rösler and Dynamical 3D, we couldn’t help but wonder what’s the true reason behind this change. Is it because the FDM 3D printing market does not seem to be flourishing? Therefore, the additional offering would help companies to maintain their business. Or is the real driver the need to innovate? Let’s watch the market again…

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