Zortrax has unveiled today its inCloud management system, dedicated to its 3D printer users.

Before today’s launch, Zortrax staff has been using the system to manage about 200 printers performing in dedicated printrooms at Zortrax headquarters.

“Hundreds of different designs, prototypes and test prints are created in our company every day.
Our managers stood in need of the effective software to operate multiple devices simultaneously.
It was important not only to be able to initiate specific prints remotely, but also to look into the history of the printouts and to check the current state of the given machine without having to approach it.
The inCloud system allows you to assign individual devices to a selected group of employees –
this is especially important in large companies where one printer is operated by several people.
The solution we have created improves the entire printing process. We use this system every day while planning work on our devices. Now we make it available to all users of Zortrax printers” –
says Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax.

The new software is similar to the MakerBot CloudprintTM that aims to meet the same needs.

The new Zortrax inCloud printing management system allows users to upload a selected model
to a chosen 3D printer and start or pause the printing of the model remotely. A special Multiprint function introduced within the Zortrax inCloud system is aimed primarily at businesses running large 3D printing farms. It allows for the selection of currently available devices and the order of mass printouts, so that all models, printed on various devices, are manufactured and finished at the same time.

Users can also remotely access cameras built in the M Series Plus machines to check if the previously printed models have been removed from build platforms and the machines are really ready to go.
They can even see the ongoing printing process on live footage. The system allows for building teams of the users with access to the inCloud service within the company and assigning available 3D printers to each of those teams. That is a particularly important feature for the enterprises seeking to limit the number of people working on site, due to the pandemic safety measures. Ready-to-print models can be uploaded directly to the chosen printer or printers, so there is no need for employees to operate the machines on the spot. It suffices to have one staff member at the office to take the prints off the build platform once the printing is done.

Since some of the projects printed through the inCloud might be confidential, Zortrax inCloud has been designed to ensure the highest level of privacy possible.

– We know that models and prototypes created on our printers are valuable intellectual property. Protecting our users’ privacy is one of our top priorities. With the remote management of a printing process, models are sent to a selected printer or printers through our servers. All the transmissions
are encrypted to prevent interception by unwanted users or devices. As soon as the file is loaded
on a target printer, it is automatically removed from our servers. We only store basic data (such as the use of material or printing time) necessary to provide users with the history of their prints.
We guarantee the highest level of security –
adds Paweł Gulewicz, Head of IT from Zortrax.

The remote management system is available for users as from today. Zortrax inCloud enables free transfer of models up to 1 GB total. It is possible to upgrade the service up to 3 GB for the Standard Plan, 16 GB for the Professional Plan and 50 GB for the Enterprise Plan. The available transfer is renewed monthly. And there is also an option to buy more transfer, if need be.

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