With a focus on designing “functional and urban clothing with sporty aesthetics”, Spanish fashion brand ZER Collection introduced its first collection during the recent Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week.

The collection includes 12 outfits whose most parts are 3D printed and for the first time, the end user can effectively envision to decently wear them. 3D Printing has been used for a few years now in the fashion sector. The technology has even become a key tool in futuristic and tech fashion but the outfits that have been created so far are not designed with the possibility to wear them in every day life. As a matter of fact, 3D printed clothing that have made the success of designers and proved the capabilities of manufacturers’ systems were only worn for a specific purpose, show, or entertainment program.

Cofounders of the Spanish fashion brand ZER Collection think otherwise. From the very beginning, the creators Costa and Ane Castro, aimed at contributing to the introduction of new technologies in the apparel industry. In their exploration of new opportunities in sustainable manufacturing practices, they ran into 3D printing and have never looked back.

Speaking of the advantages of the technology, Núria Costa mentioned the ability to “digitize all patterns in order to produce only the necessary fabric”. During the cutting process of most of the apparel we wear, “normally up to 30% of the fabric goes to waste”, says Costa. Using a 3D printer means that they produce “only the fabric needed for each garment”, reducing the waste to almost zero.

For the manufacturing process, the designers rely on their BCN3D Sigma 3D printer. According to the fashion specialists, they can print two fabrics at the same time and combine two different materials with different properties such as elasticities and thicknesses.
Furthermore, as 3D Printing requires the use of flexible materials when it comes to producing clothes, one material that fits best with FDM 3D Printing is TPU. It ensures the functionality of the clothe, which is a must in the Spanish company’s collections.


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