You can have a share in construction 3D printing company Apis Cor with $250

Construction 3D printing company Apis Cor achieved a milestone in its equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, with over 200,000 USD being raised in less than a week. Already backed by One Ventures, the company has already raised over $1.1M from retail investors as part of its Reg A+.

Apis Cor is already established in the market, with completed projects in Texas and Missouri and MOU pre-contracts with two companies to develop and 3D print affordable houses in New Orleans, Louisiana and Wilmington, North Carolina. In addition, Apis Cor has 117 Letters of Intent from construction companies across the country who are eager to start using the Apis Cor robotics system for construction.

Apis Cor is also the only construction company that has designed 3D-printed walls that comply with international building codes and has recently received broad regulatory approval for its method and material in Montana, the first state to do so.

Retail investors who are interested capitalizing on Apis Cor’s investment opportunity should consider:

Extremely High Market Demand

  • The construction industry is facing a massive human labor and material shortage. Apis Cor’s robotic technology solves this problem by reducing the amount of human labor required and leverages concrete vs. hard-to-get lumber.
  • The world needs more than two billion new homes over the next 80 years, and at the going rate, that demand will go unmet. Apis Cor’s primary addressable market is low-rising residential construction including affordable housing and both high-end and average-priced new residential single-family houses, the areas that need the highest volume.
  • The global market for the residential building construction industry is estimated to reach $6.8 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 10.3%. Construction 3D printing is expected to hit $40 billion by 2027.
  • Investment in the construction technology ecosystem reached a record level of US $4.5 billion in 2021, triple the amount of money invested in 2020, according to information released from Cemex Ventures. According to a McKinsey report, the largest construction industry clusters of use cases include 3D Printing, modularization and robotics. The same report shows that venture capital investment growth in construction tech has far outpaced the overall venture capital space.

Product-Market Fit

Apis Cor creates value for an underserved market – building developers who must build quality, durable, homes at an affordable price in a short period of time, with materials that are readily available.

  • Using precision through concrete 3D printing technology, developers will be able to build concrete, durable houses within 2-3 months, compared to 7-12 months that it takes currently with traditional construction.
  • Apis Cor’s business model is to lease out the printers to construction companies and exclusively sell our 3D print material as a B2B.
    • The targeted monthly lease of the equipment is $9,000, the material price is $7 per sq.ft of the wall which is about $8,400 for a single-family house of 1,200 sq.ft.
    • A subcontractor using this technology may be able to 3D print walls of four houses, totaling to 1,200 sq.ft each per month, resulting in profits of approximately $13,500/month.
    • The company has received 183 inquiries to reserve its 3D houses and 3D printers as of December 2021.
    • Apis Cor’s mission is to empower home builders with the tools and technology to increase productivity in order to increase inventory on the market and thus battle the housing crisis.
  • Competitors’ 3D equipment is huge and bulky, which limits the size of the 3D-printed buildings they may produce. Apis Cor robots feature compact dimensions, which we believe can work for any size building and are also easy to transport, making deployment costs almost to zero.

Long-term Outlook for Investors

While the company’s primary focus is on the low-rising residential housing market, there are more market segments available due to the capability of Apis Cor technology to construct wall structures of a building of almost any footprint (sq. footage) and up to three floors.

This could include commercial and industrial buildings, storage, warehouses, distribution centers and structures, elements, walls, fences, and retaining walls for large-scale industrial infrastructure construction projects.

This is the way the construction industry is going,” said Apis Cor co-founder and CEO Anna Cheniuntai. “Based on our momentum, we think much of the industry will switch to robotic or automated builders in the next 5 to 10 years. Apis Cor’s houses are durable (hurricane and earthquake resistant) and affordable – a finished house can be up to 30% less expensive than a traditionally built house. Our world needs more hard technologies that create tangible products especially like housing and real estate assets.”

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